Video is powerful tool for storytelling. When done right, videos can show rather than tell.  They can move donors to tears…and to action. A video can change the feeling in the room during a plenary of a conference, or change the open-rate of an email campaign.  AmyDirectsTalentVideo can be your best brand ambassador.

LyndaAmyInterviewingCoupleAmy knows how to get the story right. She has won more than 40 top awards as a video/multimedia writer-director-LyndaAmyNanciaproducer, and leads an extraordinary team of shooters, graphics designers, editors and music composers.Amyonthedollyweb2

Want to see even more videos by Amy? Here’s her Vimeo page.

Featured Projects:

How do you convey 75 years of mission in 120 seconds? Bring music, sound and photographic and video assets together to bring a brand to life in a powerful opening video for a conference:

See how a potentially dull employee education project can be transformed into a music video:

A personal story can become powerful testimony for engagement in advocacy:

Simple animation can transform a hospital’s education video into an enlightening tool for stressed parents:

What Clients Say

“I’ve just watched the DVD and I love it… I plan to steal 3 or 4 minutes to include in the movie that precedes our annual meeting. The crowd will really enjoy it.” -Warren Buffett

“It is all people are talking about and we made people laugh- so it was great. Thank you for once again making a great product that was right on target- you are so great to work with!”-Director of Corporate Communications, Children’s National Medical Center

“Let me just say how grateful I am you’ve been around to help keep us all sane and do it with such grace and talent.” – Vice President, Communications, American Diabetes Association

“I just wanted to say “Thank You” after I finally got a look at the video you made with me. The finished product exceeded my expectations by far… are obviously incredibly talented.” – Corporate Executive featured in AIPAC Annual Policy Conference Video


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